Code of conduct

At Rosti Automotive, we believe that we must always act with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We expect and require these standards, not only from our customers, but also our suppliers. Acting in an open and trustworthy manner, whether this is by the way we report our performance, treat people, keep data secure and work to eliminate corruption and unfair business practices, will enhance our business for all our stakeholders.


We have a clear Code of Conduct which has been shared to all colleagues within the business and which is detailed as part of the induction process for all our new starters. We have in place a Whistleblower process, operated by an independent company, to ensure our colleagues can raise any concerns about malpractice confidentially and without fear of retribution.

Our approach includes;

Our workplace

Our top priority will always be to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone on our sites. Meeting legal minima is not enough, all our sites must have recognised international accreditations for Health and Safety Management to demonstrate their commitment and capability.

People in Rosti Automotive are always treated with dignity and respect, moreover we will be an employer of choice, that people aspire to join. Progression is on the basis of merit only. All terms and conditions of employment are fair and equitable. Under no circumstances will discrimination, forced labour, child labour or any kind of abuse be tolerated. Colleagues are free to join associations of their own choosing.

We believe that we must be a good neighbour, wherever we operate. Our workplaces develop links with the local community, whether this be with schools, colleges or universities and, support deserving local causes.

Equal opportunities

Rosti Automotive is committed to Equal Opportunities. Discrimination due to nationality, ethnic background, age, gender, race, religion or belief, physical or mental disabilities, political opinion, maternity/pregnancy or sexual orientation is not acceptable.

Rosti Automotive shall base employee related decisions upon merit, qualifications and other professional criteria. The UK Government’s new Gender Pay Gap legislation requires that all companies in Great Britain with more than 250 employees publish their gender pay gap on an annual basis. In the spirit of the legislation, Rosti Automotive has voluntarily published data for these businesses in our group: Rosti Automotive Ltd, Canning Brett, Larkhall, Pickering and Stamford Bridge.

Given the nature of our industry which is manufacturing and engineering, sadly historically less women have been attracted to careers in this sector and our Gender Pay Gap data reflects this. Rosti Automotive is working with schools, colleges and universities to encourage more females to pursue careers in this exciting sector. We are pleased to see more women progressing within our business through our development initiatives.

Our environment

Rosti Automotive is committed to minimising our environmental impact. Further more we believe that such initiatives make sound commercial sense. More details of our commitment can be found on the Environment page on this website.

Our business ethics

Rosti Automotive is committed to conducting its business in a fair manner and in accordance with legislation and best practice. All our reporting is subject to internal and external scrutiny and audit to ensure it is accurate.

We have strict policies and procedures to prevent bribery and corruption around the business as well as promoting healthy competition.

Rosti Automotive has a clear policy to taxation and this is set out in our Tax Strategy.

Rosti Automotive does not contribute to or become involved with political parties, politicians or political organisations.

Our data

Data and business information is critically important in a modern business, especially sensitive personal data. Rosti Automotive is implementing requirements to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations in order to safeguard the personal data we hold.