Our team

Rosti Automotive's senior teams have extensive global automotive, manufacturing and commercial experience. This enables them to oversee, direct and coach colleagues across all sectors of our business, for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.

The Management Team

Joachim Magnusson - Rosti Automotive
Joachim Magnusson
Chief Executive Officer
Mathieu Dore - Rosti Automotive
Mathieu Dore
Chief Financial Officer
Nigel Foreman - Rosti Automotive
Nigel Foreman
Managing Director (Stamford Bridge and Pickering)
Jim McNeil - Rosti Automotive
Jim McNeil
Managing Director (Larkhall)
Cei Jones - Rosti Automotive
Cei Jones
Managing Director (Canning Brett)
Peter Andersson - Rosti Automotive
Peter Andersson
Technical Director
Vicki Byrne - Rosti Automotive
Vicki Byrne
Quality Assurance/Health Safety and Environmental Director
Mike Murphy - Rosti Automotive
Mike Murphy
Sales and Marketing Director
Andrew Woolley - Rosti Automotive
Andrew Woolley
HR Director