Products & Services

The automotive sector is one of the fastest moving and most exciting environments in industry. We work as partners with some of the world’s biggest and most recognisable brands.

Our solutions

Rosti Automotive offers a broad range of highly complex exterior, interior and under bonnet components and assemblies and this form the backbone of our offer in engineering plastics. Supplemented by the use of metal fixings and fasteners from our Canning Brett operation, these complimentary areas ensure we can offer a full service supply solution from design through to final assembly. Products as diverse as door claddings to roof spoilers, through to engine covers and interior mirrors systems are all able to be designed and developed within our facilities. Consideration is given to both form and function to ensure the component meets all of the latest performance and test criteria and wherever possible offer the maximum recyclability for the environment.

Design and development

Our Design and Development centre in Leamington Spa works closely with customers as new vehicle programmes start. Rosti Automotive realise and refine early visual concepts into manufacturing ready designs and ensure that all the requisite quality and traceability processes are completed and documented and approved.

Tooling design and sourcing

Experienced tooling engineers work closely with the product designers and third party tooling partners in order to design and bring to manufacture complex Injection Moulding tooling, via established quality and prototyping processes. Project Managers ensure that this tooling and the necessary assembly and secondary operations equipment, measurement gauges, manufacturing processes and trials are all completed to agreed timescales to ensure a robust launch.

Investment in new technology enables Rosti Automotive to offer novel solutions that deliver greater technical performance than historical processes. Our Cube technology enables us to deliver complex multi shot components with A surfaces that do not require painting. Our electrostatic paint plant produces the finish required from an OEM whilst reducing paint usage and minimising environmental impact.


The automotive sector requires effective logistics solutions to provide an efficient, uninterrupted supply. We are experienced in providing customers with logistics solutions and through close partnerships are able to deliver complex solutions including just in time sequencing.

After market

After production of a vehicle type ends, Rosti Automotive is able to supply customers with replacement parts as required for an agreed period after manufacture ends.