Rosti Automotive recognises the importance of having professional partnerships with its suppliers and requires all its partners to have the same high standards of quality and ethics.

Supplier accreditations

In order for Rosti Automotive to maintain compliance to IATF 16949, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 (Applicable Requirements) direct material suppliers to Rosti Automotive must have as a minimum ISO9001:2015 with a plan to achieve IATF 16949, as required. Rosti Automotive commits to complying with these standards and hence expects its partners to do so. Rosti Automotive will assist suppliers to improve their existing (or achieve new) accreditation status in order to be a first class supplier. Rosti Automotive will plan and execute process audits for all new suppliers as well as current approved suppliers. Rosti Automotive has the right to terminate any relationship should the supplier fail to adhere to the required standards.

It is a mandatory requirement for all Rosti Automotive suppliers to submit their up-to-date certifications.

Ethical guidelines

The following guidelines recognise the standards to be adhered to by suppliers in their business activities:

Legal compliance

Complying with legal requirements is essential for Rosti Automotive. We therefore, require and expect all its suppliers to comply with all applicable legal requirements and at all times restrain from anything that could result in violation of law.

Human and labour rights

Rosti Automotive respects human and labour rights and considers compliance with these rights as being an absolute requisite. This requires that Rosti Automotive’s suppliers will not make use of child labour (children under the legal age of employment), forced labour and human trafficking. Suppliers should prevent any sort of involuntary labour, practices of physical abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, or other inappropriate practices.

Environmental, health and safety

Suppliers of Rosti Automotive are expected to comply with environmental, health and safety legal requirements and have a policy regarding those requirements in place to safeguard the local environment and employees.

Supplier quality manual

Rosti Automotive have strict criteria for monitoring and measuring the performance of new and approved suppliers.  In order to assist potential Rosti Automotive Suppliers in understanding the purchasing and quality requirements expected of them we are pleased to give access to our Supplier Quality Manual (SQM).  The SQM gives guidance for compliance with the standards required to become a supplier to Rosti Automotive.

Download our Supplier Quality Manual Download our General Tooling Standard

Supplier registration

If you consider your business a potential supplier and would like Rosti Automotive to review your company profile, please use the following link to contact a member of our Procurement team. Please understand that this is not a formal contractual business relationship.